Saturday, April 19, 2008


I've just read this article about Mugo Kibati on the Generationkenya website:

Forward Into Excellence (Mugo Kibati) by Wambui Mwangi

It's left me zinging! It's inspirational to see what an effect a father's belief in one can have - what a first memory to have! A sheer fount of power. I've just turned aside from the thought of taking the Landmark Education 'Being Extraordinary' Seminar, backing down from the challenge, and it's extraordinary to feel the effect on me of reading about someone who doesn't back down from that challenge at all, meets it joyously in fact. What a world we would have if all parents used their power so well, turning what we use to douse our children's spirits into something that charges incandescence. I'm actually scared at the thought of what my daughters could become with such affirmation from me.

I couldn't leave a comment, the link wouldn't work, but I wanted to record this moment so I'm putting it here. When I consider what I could be, that I'm not, it could be depressing. I'm still becoming, after so many years. But I'm making progress! Occasionally my light shines through. Much more nowadays, since I've started doing Landmark Education stuff. I did the Forum, and the Advanced Course, and the Integrity Seminar (not quite finished yet).It has a fabulous effect of helping me rub off the stuff I cover myself up with, and strangle my light with.

But it seems more and more impactful, to me, that I could gift my children a life without any of that rubbish. Well, I can always create that possibility for myself. The possibility of giving my children the freedom of all the power and joy they can generate. The possibility of powerful parenting. And then of course I could run my parenting courses, and spread that power.

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