Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Evolving Together

My last post was very enthusiastic but poorly argued. I seem to have got lost at the punch line.

I think it's true that we shouldn't be scared of each other, and it's dangerous to teach our children to be. The urge to excel isn't dangerous, it's the key to lving life as the best you can be, but we are a species who cannot excel without taking others with us. Eventually, we must take everyone with us. As the Mayans did (if they did vibrate higher and higher and all sublime as a race) we must raise the consciousness of others in order to raise our own. Co-operation is the key to success, development, what have you, which kind of rules out fear or one another.

The classroom that creates 99% losers in order to create one winner, however, is a piece of the past.

And the greatest way to be of service to everyone else is to be the best that I can be. This inspires other people to feel that they can do the same in their own field. It's being content with your own field that seems to be a challenge, not constantly comparing and measuring yourself by external measures because that creates fear and depression.

Well, better stop wittering and get on with bringing Almasi to life. She's the first character from my cartoon studio's desks.


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